Bransford Game Fishery

Bransford Game Fishery in Worcestershire has three pools covering a total of 4 acres and is set in the River Teme valley. The Island Pool at Bransford Game Fishery is catch and release only and is spring fed. The other pools – Lodge and Walton Pools – are fed from an underground reservoir of Malvern Spring Water. The purity of the water in all three pools is one of the reasons why Bransford Game Fishery is popular with anglers. The clear, clean water makes it easy to spot specimen trout and is therefore ideal for stalking a mammoth catch.

The three pools at Bransford Game Fishery are regularly stocked with Rainbow Trout that are renowned for their fighting qualities. The average weight of Rainbow Trout is just over 2 lbs but the record catch is in excess of 18lbs. There are also Brown Trout in the Lodge and Walton Pools at Bransford Game Fishery between 3lbs and 6 lbs in weight.

Bransford Game Fishery boasts abundant natural insect life and there has been a regular hatch of May Flies since 2001. Recommended fishing flies include Damsel, Daddies, Buzzers and Montana’s

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Bransford Game Fishery

Hill End Farm

Station Road




Telephone: 01905 830157

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