Colwick Country Park

Colwick Country Park fishery in Nottinghamshire is formed from a discussed gravel pit and offers around 65 acres of fly fishing within the Colwick Country Park. Popular patterns used by regular anglers include Black Buzzers, Vivas and Sedges.This popular venue is open from March to October .

To learn more about Colwick Country Park, or find out about fly fishing in Nottinghamshire call 0115 987 0785.


Colwick Country Park

River Road

Mile End Road




Tel: 0115 987 0785

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  1. Colwick is fishing extremely well at the moment and it is worth a visit. the fish are feedin close to the margins and are well disperse throughout the lake. A healthy stocking of rainbows,brown & blues is being maintained. The local fly fishing club,”Colwick Fly Fishers,” is still open for new members and advice and training is available for the beginner. I am into my fourth year as chairman and can honestly say that our club members have benefitted with improved bag limits and other benefits. You may enquire through the wardens lodge on 0115 9870785 where application forms are available.
    Tightlines, David Inglis, Chairman CFFC

  2. can you please send me some info about fishing here i.e do you have to be a member,where do you buy ticket to fish ,how much? etc thanks andrew

  3. does any one no how the brown trout fishing is there and the method for them. alos i new they uest to let people pike fish can you now?

  4. Fished Colwick park for the first time at the weekend. Im a beginner to the sport but managed to hook 4 rainbows about 3Lb each. Caught these on a black/orange buzzer retrieved very slowly. About 9ft of 6Lb leader was used. Fantastic fishing, recommend it to all. Prices good but take a buddy if you dont want to spend the day rowing! See you there.

  5. Well, just found your website, I remember as a 10-11 year old fishing in those Gravel pits, that would have been around 1953-4, My cousin and I used to ride our bikes from Carlton Hill to Colwick, sometimes we would fish in the Tren by th Railway bridge, but always had better success in the gravel pits, our fishing rods where made from a bamboo cane we bought fron Hanams Hardware next to the StPauls School, bent safety pins bound with cotton then a dab of varnish supported the line, a cheap reel, line and hooks, we found if we pestered our parents long enough they would buy them for us, conditional of course that any fish we caught we brought home, we fished there using Gents (fly maggots) which we kept in a Tobbaco tin with saw dust in it too, we Sed to ould them in our mouth while we hooked one on a hook then take the one from our mouth and place it on another hook, we caught many fish there, not sure anymore what there types where, but I do remember catching several Pike, they was big too, I fought 5 in one day, mum was happy but mad too as we didn’t have a fridge she had to give some to the nieghbours. Since 1957 I have lived in Australia, at the moment living in Townsville Queensland, right near the Great Barrier Reef,
    P.S. We didn’t have to pay back then to fish there, lol

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