Fishing Tackle Equipment and Clothing

Fishing on a budget is easy to do with John Norris. Find many fishing tackle items at a discounted price. Some of the fishing tackle is up to 60% off.

Check out the bargain deals under the bargain tab. You will find quality fishing rods below other stores costs. The same fishing rod only not the same price. Put your hard earned money that you save towards something else by shopping at John Norris. Salmon and trout rods are offered as are spinning rods and fly fishing rods. Find your favorite brand such as Daiwa, Loop, Partridge, Pflueger, and Shakespeare in the bargain area. Excellent deals also on Greys, Hardy, and Sage rods.

Scoop nets and twist and lock nets that are made well are affordable to capture your big catch of the day.

Find fly selections and lures at a discounted price. When you accidentally lose a fly or lure you won’t be bothered as you saved a bundle. You now know where to shop to find discounted fishing tackle.

Discounted fly reels and spools are found to suit your fishing rod needs. Stock up now while the prices are low.

Many different sizes and types of hooks, a hook sharpener, and a hook eye threader available.

Fly line, sinking line, and floating line is available for the type of fish you are headed to catch on your fishing trip.

You will even find bargains on clothing for your fishing trip. Men and women’s vests, sweaters, waders, trousers, jackets, waistcoats, women’s outfits and men’s outfits. Keep the bug pests away with comfortable hats. You will keep your feet cozy with the wool blend stockings. For easy care all stockings are machine washable. Find water-resistant boots to suit your style.

Enjoy the knowledge of knowing you saved a bundle so you can sit back, relax, and concentrate on your much needed and wanted fishing trip.

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  1. I am in Argentine, I’m a flyfisher, my wife is in Liverpool now, she can buy you some things of flyfishing, can you give me a catalog with prices?
    Thank’s, Arthur.

  2. Hi,
    I am just about to take up fly fishing and I have been told that I need one rod for rivers and one for lakes. Is it possible to buy one rod that would be ok for a beginner that would be suitable for both. Cheers, Adam

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