Returning to Fly Fishing (thanks to Boris and Covid-19)

From the age of 12 to the birth of our first-born I was a regular visitor to trout fisheries. I was a member of an angling club on the River Ribble and a member of a syndicate with fishing on the North Tyne. My job took me across the UK and I always get a fly-fishing outfit in the back of my car to sample the local fisheries wherever I was. When not working I spent many an hour trying to entice a trout, sea trout or salmon with an artificial fly. I never thought a day would come where I had to consider returning to fly fishing.

returning to fly fishing

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Fishing Tackle Equipment and Clothing

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Troutmasters Badge

Troutmasters BadgeJanuary is a bad enough month for the fly fisherman. The generally miserable weather and likelihood that your local venue will be frozen up is depressing enough but at sometime in the month it will probably get worse. This is the month when the stillwaters who partake in the prestigious ‘Troutmasters’ competition, organised by Trout Fisherman magazine, announce the dates for their annual ‘fish off’s’. This is therefore the month when your friends who were fortunate enough to receive a coveted ‘Troutmasters’ badge last year are invited to try and reach the UK final. To do this they must win a ‘Fish off’ at the fly fishing venue where they won their Troutmasters Badge.

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Fly Fishing Holiday

After considering the ramifications of three blanks on the trot, and the realisation that the August nights cutting in are going to seriously hinder my fly fishing chances for the reminder of the season, I thought about a fly fishing holiday to try and get away from it all whilst chancing my arm at a more exotic quarry.

Searching for fly fishing holiday options provides the angler with a wealth of options to cast a fly in just about any corner of the globe. A fishing holiday abroad could involve freshwater Salmon in Canada or giant saltwater Trevally around Christmas Island. The British fly fishing holiday options for the holiday angler could be equally challenging as I have yet to experience the delights of wild brown trout on a chalk stream, or a hard fighting fresh run on the world famous River Tweed.

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Probably, The Worst Fly Fisherman In The World

Over the course of the last week the lack of sunlight and lower temperatures renewed my faith in my own ability to catch Rainbow Trout on the fly. Armed with a selection of flies carefully selected after reading the angling reports in ‘Trout Fisherman’ I embarked on three fishing trips across the north of England.

After stocking up with ample supplies of Black Buzzer’s, Cat’s Whiskers, Daddy Longlegs, Orange Fritz, Sedges and Damsel’s I thought I couldn’t fail. I got a few tips from Sport Fishing at After all, ninety percent of the successful fly fisherman over the past month seemed to have used one of these patterns with success. Whereas the ten pound monster that I crave may remain elusive I was confident that this colourful portfolio of fly fishing patterns would at the very least return a brace pre venue, and maybe just one bag limit.

The three venues for the week were the two highly regarded Northumberland fly fishing venues of Sweethope Loughs, Langley Dam plus the compact Clay Lane Farm Fishery in Cheshire. Each three trips went in exactly the same way:

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Fly Fishing For Chub

Fly Fishing For Chub
Fly Fishing For Chub

Fly fishing for Carp has always been on my list of angling things to do. It has however always been well down on the list, somewhere below my first double figure Rainbow, a 20lb plus Salmon and that elusive first Grayling I never seem to get the time to fish for. I can now however now chalk off the achievement of catching my first Coarse fish on the fly without ever intending to go fly fishing for Chub.

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