Orvis Fly Fishing

Orvis Fly Fishing equipment is used the world over. Orvis Fly Fishing tackle and equipment is renowned for the quality of the craftsmenship, the variety of choice and its technical performance. The company was founded in Manchester, Vermont, USA in 1856. Since then outdoor enthusiasts and fly fishing exponents across the globe have been caught by the Orvis Fly Fishing bug.

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Liverpool Fly Fishers

Liverpool Fly Fishers is open to anyone in the Liverpool business community who shares the love of fly fishing. The objective of Liverpool Fly Fishers is to bring good people to the river bank to build business networks whilst enjoying great fishing, food and craic. Fly Fishing has been referred to as the new golf in terms of its ability to bring businesses together for enjoyable networking and a great days sport.

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Chalk Springs Fishery

Chalk Springs Fishery in Sussex near Arundel in West Sussex is open all year for fly fishing in Sussex. There are four lakes totalling 5 acres in size. The clear water at Chalk Springs Fishery makes for an exciting fishing trip as you can see the fish, see the reaction to your flies and also see the reaction of the fish to you! This is therefore a great venue for those fly fishermen who travel light and like to keep on their feet darting from one place to another whilst moving around the lakes.

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Packington Trout Fishery

Packington Trout Fishery in Warwickshire is a part of the beautiful Packington Country Estate. The fishery is open all year round and boasts a 10 acre lake that is a former gravel pit. There are three other trout lakes on the site open to members only and a number of coarse fishing lakes.

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Manningford Trout Fishery

Manningford Trout Fishery in Wiltshire in located between Pewsey and Upavon on the A345, just outside the village of Manningford Bohune. This trout fishery features 2 lakes that are fed from the river Avon and have beautiful clear water. The larger lake is stocked with Rainbow Trout to double size and covers around 5 acres. There is a smaller lake at Manningford Trout Fishery stocked with Brown Trout that is less than one acre in size and is open for catch and release fishing only.

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Bransford Game Fishery

Bransford Game Fishery in Worcestershire has three pools covering a total of 4 acres and is set in the River Teme valley. The Island Pool at Bransford Game Fishery is catch and release only and is spring fed. The other pools – Lodge and Walton Pools – are fed from an underground reservoir of Malvern Spring Water. The purity of the water in all three pools is one of the reasons why Bransford Game Fishery is popular with anglers. The clear, clean water makes it easy to spot specimen trout and is therefore ideal for stalking a mammoth catch.

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Wykeham Lakes

Wykeham Lakes in Yorkshire is set in the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside and is popular with fly fishing enthusiasts across the region. There are 2 lakes that cover 7 acres and 9 acres respectively and have depths of up to 27 feet. This challenging and Yorkshire fly fishery is regularly stocked with Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Blue Trout and Golden Trout.

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Fontburn Reservoir

Fontburn Reservoir in Northumberland is one of the Northumbria fishing venues shared by both game and coarse anglers alike. At 87 acres there is plenty water to share by those seeking to beat the fishery rainbow trout record of 26lb. The Dam wall is a popular spot due to the plentiful catches one can expect when using the ever popular Dawsons Olive or Cats Whisker.

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