Wych Elm Fishery

Wych Elm Fishery in Cumbria is a firm favourite with local anglers and visitors alike. The evening hatch in particular can yield great results for those seeking good sport from the surface film.

Fly fishing in Cumbria at Wych Elm Fishery is a pleasure throughout the season, with popular fishing fly patterns including Black Buzzer’s and Hare’s Ear Nymph’s. As a tip, make sure you have a Kate Mclaren in your fly box when venturing out at this water.

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Blencarn Lake Fishery

Blencarn Lake Fishery in Cumbria is situated near Penrith on the road to Alston and Hexham. Close to the North Pennines, the venue can benefit from diverse weather conditions which can often work to the benefit of anglers particularly in summer.

Fly fishing in Cumbria at Blencarn Lake Fishery is often best suited to traditional lures, in particular the Orange Fritz. Other popular fly patterns include Black Hoppers and Daddies.

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