Guideline Stoked Fly Rod Review

After reading conflicting reports we were excited at the prospect of compiling a Guideline Stoked fly rod review to evaluate how good this product is. It was launched in early 2020 with a very bold statement from the manufacturer.

Stoked has taken entry level fly rods to a totally new level of performance

With a very keen 12 year-old newcomer to fly fishing, this at first glance looks the ideal product for anyone picking up a fly rod for the first time. The Guideline stoked fly rod is also hailed as an ‘eco-friendly’ product which will probably mean that the environmentally friendly features will be matched by other rod builders in time. As a result we were keen to try it out and find out if the product lives up to the fuss.

Guideline Stoked Fly Rod Reviews

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What fishing fly is best for autumn fly fishing?

Autumn Fly Fishing

Before setting off for fly fishing today I was pondering the following question: What fishing fly is best for autumn fly fishing?

I found out the answer in the most enjoyable way. Six great rainbows and countless others missed during a great day of autumn fly fishing at Bessy Beck.

Fly fishing in the autumn is my favourite time of the year. The water gets colder by the day. Insect life is on the decline. The trout become more active and feed aggressively compared to the summer months.

What fishing fly is best for autumn fly fishing?

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Fishing Tackle Equipment and Clothing

Fishing on a budget is easy to do with John Norris. Find many fishing tackle items at a discounted price. Some of the fishing tackle is up to 60% off.

Check out the bargain deals under the bargain tab. You will find quality fishing rods below other stores costs. The same fishing rod only not the same price. Put your hard earned money that you save towards something else by shopping at John Norris. Salmon and trout rods are offered as are spinning rods and fly fishing rods. Find your favorite brand such as Daiwa, Loop, Partridge, Pflueger, and Shakespeare in the bargain area. Excellent deals also on Greys, Hardy, and Sage rods.

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Liverpool Fly Fishers

Liverpool Fly Fishers is open to anyone in the Liverpool business community who shares the love of fly fishing. The objective of Liverpool Fly Fishers is to bring good people to the river bank to build business networks whilst enjoying great fishing, food and craic. Fly Fishing has been referred to as the new golf in terms of its ability to bring businesses together for enjoyable networking and a great days sport.

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Fishery For Sale

As summer approaches and the days become longer I find myself staring out of the office window wondering what it would be like to be a fishery owner at this time of year. Many people associate a lottery win with a fancy car, a big house or private jet, but all I long for is a fishery for sale. Locating a fishery for sale, particularly one that offers fly fishing, is not an easy task.

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My Secret Fishing Tackle

I have recently discovered a new item of fishing tackle that I can no longer be without. It makes my fishing more enjoyable and has made my fly fishing trips more successful. Modern technology is often criticised by angling purists, but this innovation will improve your catch rate and make your day more relaxing than ever before.

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Fly Fishing Blog

The joy of using artificial fly fishing flies is that each time you experience the delights of angling for trout something will happen that you just have to share with the world.

From the one that got away to the monster Tweed Salmon landed on a hand tied Jock Scott, you will always have something to share with other fly fishermen.

We are an opinionated bunch so discussions about top fly fishing tackle, who exactly is the top dog at your favourite trout fisheries, or how best to fish a Buzzer Fishing Fly encourage a flurry of opinions. Post your advice for beginners, seek guidance from a seasoned fisherman or brag about your catch in this Fly Fishing Blog.

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Improve your fly fishing in 5 easy steps

Remembering just five essential steps will improve fly fishing for beginners and experts alike. The five angling gems that will help you catch more trout are all any keen fly fisherman needs to do.

Generations of anglers have learned that catching brown, blue, tiger, or rainbow trout, and even sea trout relies upon:

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Fly Casting Tips

Fly CastingVery few fly fishermen would be so bold as to claim that there is no way they could improve their fly casting. Likewise, few fishermen would disagree that some day’s are better than others when it comes to forming neat casting loops, casting great distances or ensuring splash free presentation of the fishing fly.

With this in mind, and a desire to further improve my own fly casting I am eager for your comments and suggestions as to how best to improve the fly casting technique in the following video. Already, dozens of fly fisherman have contributed their own fly casting tips to ensure that we all improve together.

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