Improve your fly fishing in 5 easy steps

Remembering just five essential steps will improve fly fishing for beginners and experts alike. The five angling gems that will help you catch more trout are all any keen fly fisherman needs to do.

Generations of anglers have learned that catching brown, blue, tiger, or rainbow trout, and even sea trout relies upon:

The Fly – Choosing the right fly is one thing. Presenting it to the prey in an appealing fashion is often more important.

The Cast – Power and distance often dominate the keen beginner, in a desire to emulate advanced fly-casting experts. Technique, Timing and Tactics will often improve your chances of catching fish and help enjoy fly-fishing.

The Retrieve – The challenge of mimicking an insect from a distance of twenty yards using only a nine-foot fishing rod, fluorocarbon and modern fly line is a difficult one. Learning the diverse characteristics of each fishing fly is essential to adapt to the conditions and hoodwink even the most stubborn rainbow trout.

The Fish – Be your prey. By understanding the behaviour, characteristics, habit and attitude of the rainbow rout you can catch more fish. Different species of trout exhibit contrasting responses to the influence of the environment around them.

Nature – Learn to understand and pre-empt the changing environment and choose the right approach for different water conditions, weather factors and even the by near by fauna.

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