Fly Fishing Tackle

Anglers trying to catch trout, salmon and other species using an artificial fly require relatively simple fly fishing tackle. Considered by many as the most exciting form of angling, this method relies upon the ability to mimic an insect or entice fish in to attacking an artificial hand tied lure. Purchasing the right equipment is relatively easy to get to grips with. We have compiled all you need to know about choosing the correct fly fishing tackle.

The basic fly fishing tackle comprises of:

  • Fly Fishing Rod, to cast artificial flies effortlessly on to the water.
  • Fly Fishing Reel, to hold the fly line and backing.
  • Fly Fishing Line, a floating line for almost every occasion.
  • Fly Line Backing, to give essential line length for hard fighting fish.
  • Fly Fishing Leader, to present the fly and get it to the right depth.
  • Fishing Flies, to attract fish to your line.

Essential fly fishing accessories include:

  • A Landing Net, to catch your fish after a successful take.
  • A Priest, to dispatch your prey if keeping them for the cooking pot.
  • Polarised Sunglasses, to help reduce glare and see the fish beneath the surface.
  • A Bass Bag, to keep your catch fresh.
  • A fly box, packed with alternative hand tied patterns.
  • Alternative fly lines, such as sinking lines and an intermediate fly line.

Non essential fly fishing accessories include:

  • A fly fishing bag, to hold your fly fishing tackle.
  • A fly fishing waistcoat, to keep essential equipment close at hand.
  • A floatant for fishing flies, to present artificial lies on the surface
  • A sinkant for fishing flies, to help get fishing flies below the surface.

Each of these items can vary in cost, quality and reliability. Performance can be improved by purchasing quality fly fishing tackle, however even inexperienced fisherman can catch trout on inexpensive fly fishing tackle with the right conditions.

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