Fly Fishing Flies

This is the most important piece of fly fishing tackle. There are thousands of different fly fishing flies, with one for almost every species of fish, fishing location and natural environment on the face of the earth. Each is individually titles, with different patterns called elaborate names like the Cat’s Whisker, Gold Ribbed Hares Hear, Zonker. Each is hand tied, requiring an attention to detail that will rival any artist, using materials of different colours and textures. Choosing the right fly for fishing can appear to be difficult, however once you know your dry fly from your wet fly and can gauge the depth and conditions you will be in with a fighting chance.
Traditional patters like the Greenwells Glory, Kate Mclaren, March Brown are made from natural materials, particularity feathers. More modern fly fishing flies like the Viva, Orange Fritz and  Booby are constructed from synthetic components. Any trip should include a wide range of fly fishing flies within your fly fishing tackle.

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