Foremark Reservoir

Foremark Reservoir in Derbyshire can fish well on anything from a Boobie to dry flies, according to Trout Fisherman magazine at least. In my opinion, opt for the Orange Fritz if fishing from the boat or a traditional wet or dry fly if opting for the bank. Example patterns that are popular with regular patrons include the Mayfly, Damsel and Red Tag.

Fly fishing in Derbyshire at Foremark Reservoir is very popular throughout the season so booking is often advisable, particularly at weekends.

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Ladybower Fisheries

Ladybower Fisheries

Ladybower Reservoir in Derbyshire is famous across the country for  huge Rainbow Trout that regularly weigh in beyond the ten pound mark. The Ladybower fisheries cover water over 500 acres in size, making it the ideal still water for the native Brown Trout to also flourish.

Fly fishing in Derbyshire at Ladybower Reservoir is a pleasure due to the scenery of the Peak District alone. As with any big fishery, just about any pattern or tactic can yield results at different times. Some fishing fly patterns regularly favoured by local anglers include the Whisky Fly, Black Gnat and Mayfly.

Ladybower Fisheries

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Donkhill Fishery

Donkhill Fishery in Derbyshire may be only two acres in size but the standard of fishing to be had here is the sign of a fishery that punches well beyond its weight. In warmer conditions the regularly stocked Rainbow Trout are a dream when taking a Daddie off the surface film.

When fly fishing in Derbyshire at Donkhill Fishery try fishing lures, on a small hook, with a slow retrieve as your main tactic. Favourites include the Orange Fritz and Cat’s Whisker.

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Carsington Reservoir

Carsington Reservoir is regular stocked with Rainbow Trout to complement the fine native Brown Trout that are abundant. This water is massive, with more than 700 acres of water to fish. This can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack, although this isn’t the case. Get yourself a boat for the day and head for the spot known to locals as ‘Brown Ale Bay’. This is one of the many places favoured by Brown Trout which often respond well to traditional wet and dry fly patterns.

Carsington Reservoir in Derbyshire is one of the most challenging stillwater trout fisheries in the country, particularly in inclement weather. Remember this before setting off in the boat for a ‘mini cruise’ around this exceptionally beautiful venue. The weather can change quickly, leaving many an angler wondering why they left their waterproof’s on the back seat of the car.

The size of this fishery means that a variety of patterns can be successful all year round. If pushed to take only five fishing flies with me when Fly fishing in Derbyshire at Carsington Reservoir I would opt for the Black Buzzer, Orange Fritz, Damsel, Montana and Dawson’s Olive.

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