Tavistock Trout Fishery

Tavistock Trout Fishery in Devon is one of the most consistent waters in the area. Dry fly patterns like Daddies and Mayfly often lead to success partly due to the abundance of natural insect life.

In warmer conditions the Damsel and Montana can prove invaluable for those Fly fishing in Devon at Tavistock Trout Fishery.

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Blakewell Fishery

Blakewell Fishery in Devon is renowned for the regular catches of Rainbow Trout in excess of ten pounds. Hawthorn and Alder fly are abundant and rarely leave anglers waiting too long for a hatch, especially on summer evenings.

Fly fishing in Devon at Blakewell Fishery is a must if you want to land a specimen catch. This is just one of the reasons why this water is so popular.

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Bratton Water

Bratton Water Fishery in Devon is home to some timid Brown Trout that when hooked give anglers a good fight. The water is famous for its cleanliness and clarity.

Fly fishing in Devon at Bratton Water Fishery is a great choice for those who like to stalk their pray with a patient approach to fly fishing.

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Hollies Trout Farm

Hollies Trout Farm in Devon fishes particularly well in the evening and just after opening in the morning. The venue is regularly stocked with Rainbow Trout of up to fifteen pounds in weight. This makes for an entertaining day’s angling in a scenic location.

Fly fishing in Devon at Hollies Trout Farm is very popular. The favourite flies for this fishery include Damsels, Black Gnats and Mayfly.

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Kennick Reservoir

Kennick Reservoir in Devon is one of the largest fisheries in the area with almost 50 acres of surface water to choose from. Rainbow Trout of around seven pounds are the norm rather than the exception which is one of the reasons for the popularity of this established fly fishing venue.

Some of the favoured patterns for fly fishing in Devon at Kennick Reservoir include Damsel Nymph’s, Diawl Bach’s, Montana Nyph’s and Buzzer’s.

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Stillwater Trout Fishery

Stillwater Trout Fishery in Devon is a dream as the fish here respond well to traditional wet flies like the March Brown and Butcher. The popularity of these establishe favourites may have dipped elsewhere but local anglers swear by these, and the Greenwell’s Glory, for trout fishing success.

When fly fishing in Devon at Stillwater Trout Fishery arrive early if you can to take advantage of the great hatches that often occur first thing in the morning.

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Lower Bruckland Trout Fishery

Lower Bruckland Trout Fishery in Devon offers a number of lakes for the fly fisherman, two of which were opened in 2006. Trout anglers flock from far afield to try their hand at some of the regularly stocked Rainbow Trout. Catches in excess of 13lb are not uncommon.

When fly fishing in Devon at Lower Bruckland Trout Fishery try patterns such as Hares Ear Nymph’s, Damsels and CDC’s.

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Bellbrook Valley

Bellbrook Valley Trout Fishery in Devon is renowned for great dry fly fishing in the summer months. Daddies and Mayfly are two of the most popular patterns.

When fly fishing in Devon at Bellbrook Valley Trout Fishery during cooler conditions try goldhead lures or a Gold Ribbed Hares Ear.

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