Sharpley Springs

Sharpley Springs fishery in Durham has grown in popular in recent years, despite the strong competition from the magnificent array of Stillwater trout fishing venues across Durham and Northumberland.

When fly fishing in Durham at Sharpley Springs try a selection of traditional and contemporary patterns to maximise the chance of success. Fish of weight up to 15lb have been caught on everything from a Black Buzzer to a Purple Dancer. The Bloodworm and Hares Ear are also popular with regular fly fisherman.

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West House Fishery

West House fishery in Durham regularly hosts competitions for fly fishing in Durham. The popularity of the venue is partly due to the regular stocking of both Rainbow Trout and Blue Trout.

Small dry flies and Damsel’s are often worth a try at West House fishery.

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Cow Green Reservoir

Cow Green Reservoir in Durham is renowned as much for the elusive wild Brown Trout as the plentiful supply of regularly stocked Rainbow’s.

For a unique experience fly fishing in Durham be sure to cast a fly line near the river mouth at Cow Green Reservoir. This is all to often the setting for monumental battles with healthy Brown Trout in their most natural environment.

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Derwent Reservoir

Derwent Reservoir in Durham is one of the larger stillwaters in the north of England and attracts thousands of anglers in a season. Everything from small dry flies to larger less beautiful patterns like the Ornage Fritz can produce great results at this 1000 acre fishery.

As one of the most popular venues to go fly fishing in Durham, Derwent Reservoir offers a choice of Rainbow Trout and Brown Trout to anglers.

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Knitsley Mill Fishery

Knitsley Mill Fishery in Durham is stocked regularly with good fighting Rainbow Trout. This draws anglers from the North East of England and beyond.

Knitsley Mill is a very popular spot for fly fishing in Durham. With a healthy population of natural insect life popular flies include small dry flies and Black Buzzer’s.

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Aldin Grange Fishery

Aldin Grange fishery in Durham often fishes well with dry flies like the Black Gnat, CDC and Emergers. In warmer weather or when Rainbow Trout can be found at a greater depth it is recommended to try a cat’s Whisker, Dawson’s Olive or a Damsel.

If you want to try an alternative venue to go fly fishing in Durham then Aldin Grange can be well worth a visit.

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Witton Castle

Witton Castle fishery in Durham is one of my favourite venues, particularly in spring and autumn. The hard fighting Rainbow Trout often reach up to 18lb in weight and I am yet to experience another fishery with such robust fighters.

The Hare’s Ear is usually the fishing fly I turn to first when fly fishing in Durham at Witton Castle.

Witton Castle has a well stocked tackle shop to cope with almost every eventuality plus superb facilities and ample parking. The popularity of this venue amongst the local fly fishing community is best demonstrated on the opening day of the season when it is almost always full of anglers.

Other popular patterns include Black Buzzer’s, Olives, Damsels and Black Hopper’s.

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Jubilee Fishery

Jubilee Fishery in Durham is often the scene for an excellent days fishing. Rainbow Trout above 15lb are far from rare and this makes for a great day fly fishing in Durham.

Favourite flies include Hoppers, Buzzers, Shipman’s or Bloodworms. The Cat’s Whisker is popular here as is the case at most fisheries in the North East when fish can be found below the surface.

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