Temple Trout Fishery

Temple Trout Fishery in Cornwall offers a great challenge for trout anglers wishing to pit their wits against the sizeable Rainbow Trout that are regularly stocked. Popular fly fishing patterns at this venue include different coloured buzzers and traditional dry flies.

Fly fishing in Cornwall at Temple Trout Fishery is often popular so booking is advised, particularly at weekends.

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Tree Meadow Trout Fishery

Tree Meadow Trout Fishery in Cornwall has a reputation for fishing well all day long, with rises the norm in the early morning and late in to the evening. The popular fishing fly of choice by local Cornish anglers on this water is undoubtedly the Buzzer, which fishes well all year long. In the summer months Caddis Nymphs and Damsel Nymphs do well on a floating line and Montana’s fished on an intermediate are also poular.

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Bake Fishing Lakes

Bake Fishing Lakes was described by Trout Fisherman magazine as providing ’some entertaining fishing’ and the venue usually lives up to the tag. Dry flies like Sedge, or Daddies and Emerger patterns and Buzzers are often worthy of a try when fly fishing in Cornwall at Bake Fishing Lakes in Cornwall.

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