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Fly CastingVery few fly fishermen would be so bold as to claim that there is no way they could improve their fly casting. Likewise, few fishermen would disagree that some day’s are better than others when it comes to forming neat casting loops, casting great distances or ensuring splash free presentation of the fishing fly.

With this in mind, and a desire to further improve my own fly casting I am eager for your comments and suggestions as to how best to improve the fly casting technique in the following video. Already, dozens of fly fisherman have contributed their own fly casting tips to ensure that we all improve together.

Fly Casting Video

In my opinion this fly casting shows good technique and timing, however as this is set against the back drop of a fast flowing river it is difficult to see the effect of the line when it comes in to contact with the water. Inevitably, this river is likely to be a lot more forgiving than a calm Stillwater without ripple when fishing the dry fly on a quiet day.The five fly casting tips that I recommend are:

1. The line (and fly) goes in the direction you point the rod tip during the fly casting.

2. Good fly casting is not strength-related; it is timing-related. Thus you must practice the timing of the cast to become a good caster. At least ten minutes a day to become a good caster in a month.

3. Proper stroking and stopping of the rod are fundamental to good fly casting. The caster loads energy into the rod during the casting stroke. The rod releases the energy into the line in the cast. The caster loads a little energy (a short, low-energy stroke) into the top of the rod for short casts; he loads a lot of energy (a short, powerful stroke) into the middle and bottom of the rod for a long cast.

4. Fly casting arcs (the arc the rod makes in the air during the cast) are small for short casts and large for long casts.

5. Stopping the rod after the fly casting stroke is critical to forming the casting loop, and it allows the rod to unload, thus casting the line.

Got any more fly casting tips? Please get in touch.

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