Bessy Beck Fly Fishing

Bessy Beck Fishery in Cumbria attracts anglers from right cross the north of England and beyond. The water is arguably at its best first thing in the morning and later in the evening when an abundant natural insect life is evident to trout fisherman. A trip to Bessy Beck Fly Fishing won’t disappoint.

It is easy to find, located 10 minutes or so from junction 38 of the M6 at Tebay. You’ll find it well signposted on the A685 on the way to Kirkby Stephen. There are decent facilities, with toilets and a small tackle shop. The car park is big enough to accommodate anglers and the venue is always well looked after. The banks are regularly mown and their is enough room to get a cast in around every lake. Not all venues give you a warm welcome but you are assured of a smiling face from the owners.

Bessy Beck Fly Fishing

Fishing-wise the venue has three ponds, all of which are well stocked with home-reared Rainbow Trout. One of the lakes is reserved for killing tickets’ only and tends to be neglected by anglers. The other two ponds are more popular. The top pond has running water in-let which is the spot taken by early-risers.

It is not the deepest venue, so a floating or intermediate line will suffice. In the summer months you’ll find an aerator to keep the water oxygenated and keep the fish in good health.

At Bessy Beck Fly Fishing be prepared to use smaller hooks than normal if you want to be successful. Size 16 patterns of Buzzers and other natural imitations often fish well. Other favourite fishing fly patterns include the Bloodworm, especially if fished in combination with a Buzzer.

This is one of my favourite venues due to the stunning location, great management, regular stocking and relative solitude. Any angler travelling the M6 is urged to keep some tackle in the car and make a slight detour to sample this water.

Day tickets are competitively priced, although there is no price reduction for juniors or senior citizens.

My only niggle with it is the fact that the ‘culture’ seems to be find one place on the bank and stick to it. This match fishing approach means that angers who get to spots that hold fish tend to stay there for the entire day.

For more information about fly fishing in Cumbria at Bessy Beck Fly Fishing call 01539 623303.

Bessy Beck Trout Fishery

Kirkby Stephen
CA17 4LY

Tel: 01539 623303

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