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As summer approaches and the days become longer I find myself staring out of the office window wondering what it would be like to be a fishery owner at this time of year. Many people associate a lottery win with a fancy car, a big house or private jet, but all I long for is a fishery for sale. Locating a fishery for sale, particularly one that offers fly fishing, is not an easy task.

Searching the web brings up a number of specialist sites and those of land agents tasked with flogging off someones pride and joy. The following suggestions might just help you locate a fishery for sale and find your dream home and ideal job in the same move:

Fisheries4Sale is the website of renowned Chartered Surveyors and Property Agents Fenn Wright. Unfortunately the site has a bias towards coarse fisheries for sale and is lacking if you are looking to purchase a fly fishing business. The few examples are presented very well with maps, plans, pictures and a lengthy description. This is a good website that lacks listings and is updated infrequently, however this could my well be due to the state of the market itself.

This is a specific business site and therefore focuses more on the corporate aspects of purchasing a fishery. This is good for the angling enthusiast as the lack of imagery, descriptions and fishing related information means you are more likely to make a business decision rather than a major investment based on emotion. This site is rarely updated and listings are unfortunately infrequent.

This website offers a good balance of varied listings and although dominated by carp fisheries there are sometimes great fly fishing venues for sale.

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  1. I’d love to build my own small scale pond, do it properly and keep brown trout in. and somehow balence the wee ecosystem so that they had all the food they’d ever need. i remember seeing an american website years ago for this years ago, along with what numbers of all food fish and how to attract buglife in and have been dreaming about it for ever since

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