Fly Fishing Line

The fly fishing line determines where your fly fishing fly sits in the water and forms part of the movemnet of the cast of an artificial lure. Basic variations include floating lines, sinking lines and intermediates. Most are available in different styles including double tapered fly fishing lines, weight forward options and shooting heads. Even sinking lines vary wildly in the speed at which they sink to the correct depth for individual fisheries, conditions and types of fish. Choosing the correct option can seem difficult but with a little bit of knowledge the right fly fishing line can change your day.

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Fly Fishing Reel

The fly fishing reel attaches to the fly fishing rod and holds the fly line with backing but unlike other forms of fishing, the it plays little part in the cast. Fly fisherman tend to fish with the fly line reeled out of the fly fishing reel. Nevertheless, the fly fishing reel is still important, and is often used by many anglers to play the fish prior to landing it in a net. This fly fishing tackle also protects the line and is used to retrieve when deciding to quit a fishing session. The price of a fly fishing reel can vary.

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