Chalk Springs Fishery

Chalk Springs Fishery in Sussex near Arundel in West Sussex is open all year for fly fishing in Sussex. There are four lakes totalling 5 acres in size. The clear water at Chalk Springs Fishery makes for an exciting fishing trip as you can see the fish, see the reaction to your flies and also see the reaction of the fish to you! This is therefore a great venue for those fly fishermen who travel light and like to keep on their feet darting from one place to another whilst moving around the lakes.

At Chalk Springs Fishery the record Rainbow Trout stands at 20lb 8oz. The record Brown Trout is an impressive 19lb and the largest Blue Trout hit the scales at 17lb 6oz. Stocked fish range from 2lb to 20lb and are reared on site.

The owners have made an effort to encourage controlled weed growth and have been rewarded with a setting that is home to abundant natural insect life including a mayfly hatch, alder, daddy long-legs and pond olives as well as prolific hatches of damsels and sedge. Smaller weighted fishing fly patterns are recommended such as damsels, hare’s ear, PTN, buzzers and lead bugs. Lure fishing with brightly coloured flies can also be effective at Chalk Springs Fishery.

There are great facilities for anglers at Chalk Springs Fishery. The shop at Chalk Springs offers a range of fly fishing tackle and equipment. The shop also sells a selection of hot and cold drinks, snacks and confectionery and Environment Agency licences.

Chalk Springs Fishery is located just off the A27. Come of the Arundel roundabout on the A27 towards Chichester then take an immediate right turn between two lodge houses.

For more information about Chalk Springs Fishery or to find out about fly fishing in Sussex call 01903 883742.


Chalk Springs Fishery

Fishery Lodge

Park Bottom


West Sussex

BN18 0AA

Telephone: 01903 883742

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