John Norris of Penrith

John Norris of Penrith has provided great service to fly fishermen for decades. The beautifully produced catalogues that arrive through my door regulrarly throughout the fly fishing season never fail to entertain me. For hours I will ponder a significant purchase such as a new Sage rod or a more modest gadget that will help to improve my haul. The mail order service is excellent and customer service a joy. The wealth of advice available from the skilled team of angling experts at John Norris of Penrith stands out from that available at other fly fishing shops.

The John Norris of Penrith website matches the expectations for such a renowned fishing brand. The site is secure, easy to use, and even remembers your details. Ordering is simple and the you are updated with emails at each stage from order to dispatch so that you know exactly where your purchase is.

A visit to the John Norris of Penrith shop is a must for the fly fisher with time to kill. Next time you pass Tebay on the M6 during a journey to Scotland be sure to stop off at Junction 40. The wealth of stock on show is amazing as are the regualr bargains that one can snap up in store. If you like to feel a fishing rod in your hand before buying it this is the place to do it as you can easily compare your choice with other alternatives from brands such as Hardy, Sage, Loop, Greys or Shakespeare.

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John Norris of Penrith
John Norris of Penrith, Penrith, Cumbria

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