Cheshire Fishing

The Cheshire Fishing fishery in Cheshire is popular with anglers from across the North West. When looking to go Fly fishing in Cheshire the choice of venues is plentiful, but this is always respectable.

Cheshire Fishing is well worth a visit. Popular flies include Black Gnat’s, Hare’s Ear Emergers and Damsels.

To reserve your place at Cheshire Fishing or to find out more about fly fishing in Cheshire call 01829 770041

2 thoughts on “Cheshire Fishing”

  1. On 30th August 2006 I managed to visit Cheshire Fishing for a four hour evening session. The weather was cool in contrast to earlier visits. I received a friendly welcome at the well equipped fishing lodge and was given a straightforward no nonsense advice as to just how poor the fishing has been earlier in the day.

    The weather was overcast at first and I lost two decent sized rainbows of around two pounds each, both on a Dawson’s Olive, in the pool nearest the road. After two hours the weather changed and boy did it rain. An otherwise promising and enjoyable trip came to an abrupt end as it got dark particularly early. Well worth a visit.

  2. March 2012.
    An awesome place for the beginner to the well experienced flyman/woman.
    I have been visiting this water regularly over a period of weeks now, it has always produced.
    If you get yourself well positioned even on a windy/wet North/north westerly, you can expect over a dozen fish…I love the place and I’m not even a club member.
    The staff are always friendly, and helpful.
    Tight lines

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