Church Hill Fishery

Church Hill Fishery in Buckinghamshire is a popular place to go fly fishing in Buckinghamshire. With a reputation for plentiful hatches of fly that can tempt even the most stubborn Rainbow Trout the fishery is often fully fished at weekends so call first to prevent a wasted journey.

The abundance of natural insect life gives the trout fisherman option of catching fish on a range of popular patterns such as the Buzzer, Damsel, Daddies, Invicta and Montanas.

For more information about Church Hill Fishery and fly fishing in Buckinghamshire telephone 01296 720524

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  1. Can’t access your website which appears under development- can you please advise of opening dates/times?

    Thanks, neill

  2. church hill fishery is a great place to fish me and used a sedge and it was a good fly to use .Most of the fish are ranibow trout on of the onece that i got on my line was 2LB 6oz

  3. Hello church Hill

    Do you give fly fishing lessons to beginners, if so how much do yo charge and when do the lessons take place.

    KInd regards


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