Fly Fishing Holiday

After considering the ramifications of three blanks on the trot, and the realisation that the August nights cutting in are going to seriously hinder my fly fishing chances for the reminder of the season, I thought about a fly fishing holiday to try and get away from it all whilst chancing my arm at a more exotic quarry.

Searching for fly fishing holiday options provides the angler with a wealth of options to cast a fly in just about any corner of the globe. A fishing holiday abroad could involve freshwater Salmon in Canada or giant saltwater Trevally around Christmas Island. The British fly fishing holiday options for the holiday angler could be equally challenging as I have yet to experience the delights of wild brown trout on a chalk stream, or a hard fighting fresh run on the world famous River Tweed.

After doing research in to a number of options a number of realties became clear about fly fishing holiday’s:

Firstly, the sheer expense of it. If you hire a house boat in Canada, and declare your interest as a keen fly fisherman, you can expect to pay more. This angling tax associated with your fishing holiday isn’t just limited to North America.

Secondly, the lack of detailed information that is essential to enjoy your fly fishing holiday. For example, most websites give little away about local fishing tackle shops, the availability and reliability of a gillie or even weather conditions.

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