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Troutmasters BadgeJanuary is a bad enough month for the fly fisherman. The generally miserable weather and likelihood that your local venue will be frozen up is depressing enough but at sometime in the month it will probably get worse. This is the month when the stillwaters who partake in the prestigious ‘Troutmasters’ competition, organised by Trout Fisherman magazine, announce the dates for their annual ‘fish off’s’. This is therefore the month when your friends who were fortunate enough to receive a coveted ‘Troutmasters’ badge last year are invited to try and reach the UK final. To do this they must win a ‘Fish off’ at the fly fishing venue where they won their Troutmasters Badge.


Troutmasters Badge


If, like me, you have never won such award you will no doubt go green with envy. Thinking back to a days fly fishing in the last year when your friend ‘got lucky’ and landed one of the three biggest Rainbow Trout in that particular month at that particular venue you will probably put it all down to chance. As the negative thoughts subside you will be filled with a renewed confidence, knowing the fly fishing season is just around the corner and with it the chance to earn what you deserve – A Troutmasters badge.

Hundreds of fly fishing venues across the UK give anglers the chance to win a badge.  If you land a particularly large fish and there is even the slightest chance that it is one of the three biggest at that venue in that month then throwing your hat in to the ring could not be simpler:

  • First, weigh your fish straight away. Rainbow Trout have been known to loose body weight relatively quickly when taken from the water so it is always worth the trek or row back to the weighing scales.
  • Secondly, track down your fishery owner or someone working at the venue. they will probably advise you if your catch is up to the mark and whether it is worth submitting an entry in to the Troutmasters competition.
  • If you are within a fighting chance the proprietor will give you a form. You may well find a Troutmaster entry form on display. Complete the form and get the fishery to validate your catch and counter sign your entry to prove the fish in question really was the weight you said it was.
  • Finally, send the Troutmasters form off to Trout Fisherman magazine.

Each month, Trout Fisherman magazine publishes the winners of the Troutmasters competition. Each venue has three monthly winners, all of whom receive the coveted Troutmaster badge and the gift of a fishing fly. Trout Fisherman magazine also publishes the top three winners in the UK, all of whom stand the chance to win excellent prizes consisting of fly fishing tackle from Hardy, Sage and other renowned manufacturers.

Once your friends start to win badges the pressure really is on. Our group of fly fishermen consists of four regular anglers, two of whom now proudly display their Troutmasters Badge on their fishing waistcoat. 2007 could be the year I join them in and succeed in my quest for fly fishing recognition!


13 thoughts on “Troutmasters Badge”

  1. i won my first badge in march at pendle view last month i won my second! when i bought the mag i was gutted!!! my address was there but not my name at my age every bit of print is good my grandson was waiting to show his classmates wota disapointment

  2. It has just come to my notce that the photo of me and my 7lbs 4oza Rainbow from Helwith Bridge, has been published in the Trout Fisherman.
    Now for most anglers this wont mean to much, but for me I’m over the moon. You see i’m Registered Blind and have very little sight these days.
    As I am unsure if I have got a Troutmasters badge or not, to be honest it would be the icing on the cake. I have managed to to what many fully sighted anglers have never done, and got my picture in the magazine.

    From one very chuffed angler, “Thank you”
    Ian Drysdale

  3. when will decembers trout fisherman come out.
    i caught a 13pun rainbow at bangour trout fishery last week and i was over the moon as i am only 12.

  4. if u r fortunate enough to reach the fish off how does it work does the person with the heviest fish win or ls it the person with the most fish? also does only one person from each venue get to go to rutland.?

  5. if u r fortunate enough to get into the fish off how does it work is it the person with the heviest fish or ls it the most fish? also hiw many ppl from each venue get to go to rutlund?

  6. when is the fish off?

    i caught two 10lb fish at syon park fishery (part of albury estate fisheries) and i am not sure when the big fish-off is?

  7. hi, i fished ledyatt fishery last year and received a badge and entry into this years comp, but with changing address this year i have missplaced letter, if you could help in this matter i would be over the moon. cheers my old address was 150 happyhillock road. dundee

  8. i got into the Lyonton trout fisheries fish off in 2010 with a 12lb 4oz rainbow i got my first badge and i am hopping to get many more

  9. went to chippal lakes in wickham had a good day caught two fish one 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 pound sorry no pics how do i go about getting a badge

  10. please could you tell me how i go about getting a troutmaster badge i went to chippal lakes in wickham and caught two trout total weight of about 7 lb so was wondering how i get a badge

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