Westlow Mere Fishery

Westlow Mere fishery in Cheshire is associated with good fly fishing in Cheshire. The average bag is rarely below five, especially in the summer months when a range of fishing flies can lead to angling bliss. Lures, Buzzers, Damsel’s and Montanas are strong favourites.

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2 thoughts on “Westlow Mere Fishery”

  1. On 19th September 2006 I managed to visit Westlow Mere Fishery for a four hour evening session. I received a friendly welcome at the well equipped fishing lodge and was given a straightforward no nonsense advice as to just how poor the fishing has been earlier in the day.

    Despite the pessimistic outlook I was able to catch one Rainbow Trout of around one pound in weight. This was during a dusk rise in the shallow area near the entrance track.
    The fish put up a good fight for its size before surrendering to a size 16 Sedgehog.

    The fishing was hard due to the hot sunny weather but I did enjoy the friendly conversation with local anglers. I will definitely return, as this is in my opinion one of the best fisheries in Cheshire.

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