Temple Trout Fishery

Temple Trout Fishery in Cornwall offers a great challenge for trout anglers wishing to pit their wits against the sizeable Rainbow Trout that are regularly stocked. Popular fly fishing patterns at this venue include different coloured buzzers and traditional dry flies.

Fly fishing in Cornwall at Temple Trout Fishery is often popular so booking is advised, particularly at weekends.

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Cow Green Reservoir

Cow Green Reservoir in Durham is renowned as much for the elusive wild Brown Trout as the plentiful supply of regularly stocked Rainbow’s.

For a unique experience fly fishing in Durham be sure to cast a fly line near the river mouth at Cow Green Reservoir. This is all to often the setting for monumental battles with healthy Brown Trout in their most natural environment.

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Cheshire Fishing

The Cheshire Fishing fishery in Cheshire is popular with anglers from across the North West. When looking to go Fly fishing in Cheshire the choice of venues is plentiful, but this is always respectable.

Cheshire Fishing is well worth a visit. Popular flies include Black Gnat’s, Hare’s Ear Emergers and Damsels.

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Grafham Water

Grafham Water is recommended for a session fly fishing in Cambridgeshire. With the option of using a boat on this substantial water and an array of good spots to be fished from the bank fly fisherman have a wealth of options.

In hotter weather the popularity of the sinking lines reflect the ease at which anglers can catch Rainbow Trout using anything from a Buzzer to a Boobie on an intermediate fly line or sinker.

Traditional dry flies are often successful from the bank at Grafham Water. Within regular catches of up to 8lb fly fisherman will enjoy this water.

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Earith Lakes Fishery

Earith Lakes fishery in Cambridgeshire is offers fly anglers to catch Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and even Salmon. As a result, if you fancy a unique twist to fly fishing in Cambridgeshire come and explore this Stillwater to try and bag a monster salmon on the fly.

Successful tactics include slowly retrieved lures close to the lake bed or the more traditional approach of Damsels, Sedge and Buzzers.

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Church Hill Fishery

Church Hill Fishery in Buckinghamshire is a popular place to go fly fishing in Buckinghamshire. With a reputation for plentiful hatches of fly that can tempt even the most stubborn Rainbow Trout the fishery is often fully fished at weekends so call first to prevent a wasted journey.

The abundance of natural insect life gives the trout fisherman option of catching fish on a range of popular patterns such as the Buzzer, Damsel, Daddies, Invicta and Montanas.

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